Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 150--Summer Days

Jeff's still spending time on his days off studying for his new job. He worked 3 weeks, got signed off to teach by himself, taught 1 day and then had a 12 day vacation! He studied during it, but he tried not to do too much. He says it takes everyone several months to get very comfortable. It seems like he's doing fine. He has been flying full time at least 9 years, so it's not really the "what" of teaching pilots. It's the "how" to use the simulator.

We had fun taking Rachel's graduation announcement pictures. Absolutely adorable!


I can never get the pictures lined up right on this blog!

We bought some tennis rackets a couple weeks ago, and we can't get enough! We've never played before. Well, Jeff has--30 years ago. We've been going every day, and sometimes twice. It's funny how we're good one day and stink the next. I guess it's like that with anything you're learning isn't it? Jeff says sometimes he just wants to hit the ball so hard; but then when he tries it, it usually hits the net so it's not satisfying. Haha. He really liked playing racketball when I met him. I think someone must have invented racketball when they were playing tennis and got tired of the fence around the court not bouncing the ball back to them. I can't believe how non-bouncy tennis balls are! They kind of look like they're in a puddle or sitting on a flat spot when they're just lying there. I guess that's so you can have more control when you hit them, but I wouldn't know. I have a hard time holding my wrist firmly enough to keep the racket from pivoting in my hand. It's so fun though. We should have done it a long time ago.

Wilson and Kamille are coming in a couple weeks! I just know I'm going to be overcome by the cuteness. Aren't you?