Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 95--You Just Can't Say Anything!

It's 11:15pm, and the kids are very talkative tonight. We have a family prayer every night in our bedroom (mine and Jeff's) and after we pray, we usually have some ridiculous conversation. In fact, most of the time we have to get a bunch of talking out of our systems before praying. It was that way tonight, and they were being silly afterward. Sarah and Rachel were putting their heads together and I noticed Rachel's is bigger. So Rachel started talking about having wondered if her head was big. Then Sarah looked in the mirror and started asking if her head was small and if it would grow. You just can't say anything around here.

Rachel was researching the Mozart Effect for her project and decided not to do that, but she found some interesting things about writing and stress. We were sitting at the table doing math when she said, "Writing gives you a higher IQ."
To which Sam replied, "Then let's stop doing math!"

Then Rachel went on to say that any writing you do helps reduce stress, not just writing about the thing that's bothering you. She told me I ought to write some fiction. I said, "I'm no good at it because I never let my characters do anything, break any rules or have any problems."
She thought for a minute and said, "The people in my new book have problems. Somebody's about to get kidnapped. But it's ok."
I can't wait to read that one!

I was thinking about having written twice as many blog posts as last year when I tried this every day thing, and I was wondering what makes the difference. I thought back to how I felt by the time I stopped last year. I had this pressure to do it every day and put pictures in and tell everything we did, blah blah blah. This time I'm willing to miss a day or so if I have a migraine or something and I just don't have to put in pictures. I know it's a little more fun with them, but I haven't been pressuring myself to have it be perfect. And I'm so much more able to do it.

I think it goes that way in life and in homeschool too. Pressure for perfection leads to burnout and quitting. I gave that up in my homeschool a long time ago. I may have even overcorrected, but at least I haven't been burnt out for a very long time. If you're finding yourself discouraged about educating your children, look to see if you're putting too much pressure on yourself or your kids. And then relax! It's worth it.

See you next week!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 94--Small and Simple Things

Kamille decided to start a new
youtube channel called SmallAndSimpleThings. She made the cutest trailer for it. I asked her exactly what her videos would be like, but she said I'd have to watch and see. I guess she's starting it next week. I'm excited to have more videos of her and the baby to watch. I've been wanting to put more videos on my channel, but life has been so crazy lately. I think it's probably been 4 months or more. Here's Kamille's trailer.

I decided to award Rachel's required 1/2 credit of personal finance for what we've taught her so far just in life plus the things she's done lately. She has opened checking and savings accounts and set up online banking, and she set up an Etsy shop and an amazon self-publishing account. Now her biggest worry is finishing Geometry and Algebra 2 in the next 22 weeks. She'll have to pack it in a bit I think.

We went over to the old house today to put some metal cover plates on some electrical junction boxes in the basement. That only took a few minutes, and now I think all the rest of what's left to do will be done by other people. There's one electrical thing and the tub needs replaced. I think we're hoping to close around the 13th. It's strange each time we go there, to not be living there any more. There are things we miss like being close to a decent grocery store, and having extremely low house payments. I guess we can decide what to do after the sale is final--whether to keep renting or find a house to buy. But I do know the kids will be so relieved to stop going over there to work. It's crazy how much work it's been.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day 93--Back to School

What a fun week we had with Wilson, Kamille and Eliza. We did the t-shirts together since there was no way I could get it done without everyone knowing about it. I thought it was more fun for us to each pick our own font and color anyway. Isn't this the cutest picture? The camera's flashing timer light did a perfect job of putting Eliza in a trance.

On Monday we had to get up before 4:00am to take them to the airport an hour away, then when we got back home we dropped into bed. We were like zombies. We were just laughing about how we didn't even know where each other was--whether the others were in their beds or not. After a few hour's sleep, we got up and rushed to take Jeff to work at our usual airport just half an hour away.

On the way back from taking him, we went to the old house to put up an ugly railing on the back stairs. I feel bad about having to drill holes in the steps, but the loan won't be approved for the lady to buy it without a railing. By the time we were done putting it in, I had the worst headache. That was Monday around noon, and my head just started feeling better after about 5:00 this afternoon. So we hadn't really gotten back to school yet.

We did do a little math and some science today, and Rachel set up her book cover on Amazon. It looks so great. She wrote a summary for the back cover and chose a quote that adds a little mystery to the description. We are so excited! I hope we can get finished editing it in the next couple weeks.

While Rachel was looking up some things for her research project today, she found a website that has tests for IQ, personality, and career preferences. So we spent some time doing that. They were pretty accurate for each of us. Sam's said he could be a designer (which he wants to do for Lego), Rachel's said she might like to be a therapist or teacher, and Sarah's said pharmacist or organizing type job. Mine came out to be social science research assistant or something like that. I honestly thought it would say teacher.

More school tomorrow. See you then!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 92--They're here!

Wilson and Kamille and Eliza got here Saturday night late, and we didn't go to sleep until 3:30 that morning! I think we're still tired. After church, we went to my parents' and visited with them and some more family that came. Then Monday morning we got up and drove 4 hours to Jeff's parents. It's the first time any of them have ever met Eliza. Right now, the kids are taking turns playing piano and singing for Grandma Kay. It's her favorite thing. Always concerts when Grandma's around.

The kids had to drive the van here while Jeff and I had the little car. It was like an all day date. It was strange to get out of the car after getting here and see the kids getting out of another car. The baby has been so painfully cute! She really likes Kamille though, so it's hard for anyone else to hold her very long before she cries for Mommy. I guess it was bound to happen.

Some more family members are driving in tomorrow before we leave to go home, and then all my family will be at my parents' on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day after church, we're going to make t-shirts for ourselves. We're going to get one for everyone and put "I'm the baby" on Eliza's and then everyone else's will have their relationship to her. Like "I'm the grandma" on mine and "I'm the daddy" on Wilson's etc. We thought we might put "I'm the awesome mommy" on Kamille's since Eliza's so attached to her--she must be really awesome! Well, I knew that.

See you next time!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 91--Blast from the Past

I didn't want to write about my day because Sam's still pretty sick, and that's not much fun. So I went looking for some old newsletters from a website I had years ago, before blogs. I thought I'd just insert one here. It's probably from about 2008, so pretty old.

Here you go:

"Have you ever gotten to the end of something hard, and been amazed how far you had come?

Today, my husband and I took our kids on a field trip to hunt fossils. We went to a dried up lake bed with a ton of rocks and waterlife fossils. There are four or five kinds commonly found there, and you can take anything home that's smaller than the palm of your hand. It was so much fun for all of us.

After gathering our fill of fossils and hearing "Look Mom!" no less than a million times, we went to the "gorge" side of the dam by the lake. We drove down to the bottom and trudged up to the top on foot. It was very high and steep. Our 6 year old didn't think he could make it, and I didn't think I could either.

We took his hands and his older brother told him not to look up at how far he had to go. If we watched our feet we'd be there before we knew it.

When we finally got there panting, with sore legs and pounding hearts, we turned around to see how far we'd come. It was a gorgeous valley with a gentle stream and trees all over with fall colored leaves.

Our young son realized how happy he was to be at the top and said sighing, "That's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen!"

Having an 11th grader, I'm almost at the top of the home schooling hill for the first time. I've got to say, it's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen! You know what else? It's been worth the sore legs, panting, and pounding heart."

I remember that day. Now I look at that 11th grader with a wife, baby and bachelor's degree and it's even better.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 90

Well, we didn't get any school done today. We have a list of things we're trying to do before this weekend to be ready for Christmas, and those will have to be learning experiences I guess. We decided to go to the grocery before lunch today, and we thought we'd have school when we got home. But while we were there Sam started feeling bad. He got a headache, which only means one thing for him--he's sick. We hurried through, and we had a ton of stuff to get!

We got home, sat him on the couch with a blanket and some oranges and water; and by that time he was shivering. He didn't actually feel feverish for a while, but he's pretty hot now. He just went to bed, and I think I'll sleep in his room in Wilson's bed that's still there. Nobody ever gets a fever except Sam, and he always gets one. I guess it's better than it was; he used to throw up every time too. Wilson was that way growing up--always a fever, always throwing up.

So the kids didn't go caroling tonight, but it was too cold anyway. We all served Sam instead. I don't think going to help my mom tomorrow will happen either. Maybe if Sam felt terrific--which is possible, and maybe if it was summer. But I don't think I'm taking him out in the freezing cold. Hopefully Friday, since we canceled the plumber for Friday. We're thinking of something like Bath Fitters to fix the tub if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I really don't want to break apart that old cast iron tub!

I guess there's nothing more to tell.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 89--Six Inches of Snow!

Yesterday was one of those unreasonably hard days, and that's why this is my first post this week. Today was much better, however. Everyone did their independent reading first today. That's when they read the books they pick. They did that for quite a while, actually. Then Sam and Sarah went on to their Uncle Eric books and Rachel to The Making of America. She has kind of a bad attitude about it, but I'm having her read it anyway. She's having a hard time with winter already, and especially because it snowed 6 inches today.

We were going to go to the grocery after school for a huge load of stuff; but since it was snowing all day, we decided to go early. We got started and my wimpy minivan started slipping around, so we just came home. We're dying to get to the health food store too, to get our white spelt flour. Some of us can't eat wheat, so we use spelt. We have the whole grains and we grind our own flour from them, but sometimes you just need to lighten it with white flour. We also make our cookies with it. So yummy.

We got the crib set up for baby Eliza today. I'm so excited! Just 4 more days. We had to put the mattress on the lowest setting, because yesterday she pulled herself up to standing in her crib. Crazy. Then we put together bed frames for the girls' beds. They had been on the floor, but I'm not sure that's good for the carpet. So we put them up. Rachel doesn't think she'll like it. We've never had the beds on frames, but this year we decided to get everyone's off the floor. I love my bed on a frame; we're not getting any younger and it was feeling like a lot of work to get up. I'm 46 and Jeff is 10 years older. He was really getting tired of it.

I guess putting up the crib was our service for today, and tomorrow the kids are going caroling and giving out fruit baskets with the teenagers from church. Thursday, we're helping my mom some more. I'm not sure I can count Friday's plans as service. See what you think. We have to fix a couple plumbing issues at the house before the buyer's loan can be approved. Is that service? We can't sell it without taking care of it, but that also means she can't buy it if we don't. And she's very excited to buy it. I guess that could be service. I'm glad it's someone that really wants it. The realtor says she's just a nice person too. That makes me feel good about the neighborhood staying nice and quiet like it is.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 88

Today we got to go to my parents' house and help make Christmas cookies. My mom has been making these all my life, and she makes a ton of them. I think the kids made 15 dozen today. They're nut balls, and they are so good. I can't eat them any more because of the sugar, but I thought we'd get the recipe and try to alter them. I can't wait to try it.

We also packed up some of her breakables from the living room, because right after Christmas they're having their living room floor redone. They have carpet and they're getting the hardwood under it refinished. I think they're going to love it. We're going back next week to help them get ready for Christmas Eve. That's the big night for our family. I guess we might pack up some more stuff, since they have to have the living room completely empty by Jan 2. It's a big room with lots of stuff in it.

I also worked on a nightgown for Mom. She had the pattern pieces all cut out and ready, so all I had to do was sew them up. It was fun; I haven't sewn anything in a while, and the girls and I have some projects we need to start. That gave me a little motivation for it, since it came out really well. I decided that cutting the fabric is the hard part. If I could always have all the pieces ready, I could just whip up whatever I'm making. Sarah was impressed that I could even sew. It's kind of sad that I haven't done it for so long that she didn't know I could. I guess we'll take care of that. We're definitely working on our projects after Christmas. We have material for linen skirts and a couple other things.

I typed out Sam's three sentences from the other day and had him go over them looking for mistakes. He did alright, except I felt like a couple of them were more than one sentence. I think he doesn't think of it because when we talk, we just say the next thing. I mean have you ever thought about where one sentence ends and the next begins. I told him to read them aloud and he'd see that he was having run-ons. He sent an email to Lego tonight to ask them something. I asked if he wanted me to look at it before he sent it, but he didn't show me. The last time he sent one, he did a better job with his structure than whatever else he writes. Just proving my contention that writing for a real reason and a real audience motivates us to do our best. I love all the things that take care of themselves when the kids write for real.

See you next week!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 87--Serving Others

We spent most of the day getting ready for today's service. There's a church in our community that hosts families and individuals that don't currently have homes. Actually it's a whole organization that has several churches that are willing to host people. They stay at the churches for a week at a time. The church gets other churches to do different things like provide dinner, lead an activity, and have a couple people spend the night as chaperones.

So we went tonight to do the activity part. I was so nervous. I had a bunch of questions in my head, and I was just unsure of what to expect. Also, Jeff had to work so he couldn't go. He's always so good at stuff like that. Anyway, we were supposed to do an activity and a little discussion about something positive. So we decided to talk about feeling the Love of God and how we can help others feel that too.

I told a story about how a few years ago, I got a little depressed or something and started wondering if my Heavenly Father had forgotten me. So I decided to write in a little notebook at the end of each day, evidence of His love. While I was doing that I noticed that a lot of the way I know He loves me is by what other people do to be kind. Then, since we're focusing on doing acts of service this month, we had written down small things that everyone has done or had done for them, like smiling at someone or remembering someone's name. We put each one on a slip of paper and had everyone take one and think of a time they were in that situation and how it made them or others feel.

Everyone participated, and it was a lovely discussion. They told us how they've only been together as a group for two weeks, but they're already feeling like a family--like they love each other. One person talked about coming to know Heavenly Father in a way that she never had before. It was very sweet. After that we gave each person a little notebook and pen to write down every day how they can feel Heavenly Father's love for them. We really enjoyed ourselves. I hope we get to do it again and encourage others to volunteer.

After that we were supposed to go visit a lady from church, but she was sick and had to cancel. Our family uses essential oils to help with a variety of health things, so I thought we'd take this lady some oil that helps stop coughing. I called to see if I could just drop it off, and she sounded absolutely terrible. I could barely understand her. I just gave her daughter the oil at the door. I hope she got some relief from it; she's so sick. I'm going to have to call in a day or two and see if she needs more. I didn't put much in the bottle; but from the way she sounds, she'll need it for a while.

We did science today, but nothing else for our usual school stuff. Tonight Sam told me he's concerned that he's "not excelling academically." I said we would sit down tomorrow and address that together. I told him that each of his siblings had that same feeling at about his age, and that's when they each started working harder. I guess it's a sign that they're taking more of the responsibility. He's been talking about wanting to do better for a few weeks, so I guess it's his turn. I love how they each came to the same realization a bit before high school. I guess that's so they could get through it. I'm excited to help him figure out what to do.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 86

We sorted through some of the books for the rearranging of shelves today. We moved another bookshelf into the living room and filled it, and we moved a lot of books from one shelf to another. Tomorrow we'll have to bring down all that fun stuff for the big shelf. We also put a chair in Sam's room for Kamille to nurse the baby while they're here. She told us that Eliza tasted baby applesauce today for the first time. She seemed to like it but couldn't figure out how to get it to the back of her mouth to swallow. Also, Wilson ate more of it than Eliza. He's always loved baby food fruit. He's such a kid!

We're pretty excited that we'll be able to feed her when they come if they continue the baby food. They've waited this long to try to avoid food allergies, since they run in our family. So I don't know if they just got a wild hair today or if they're planning on giving her food now. She definitely looks interested in their food when they eat.

I gave Sam three random words from a book today and had him write sentences with the words in them. When Wilson was younger, I had him write spelling sentences and he always made them as short as humanly possible. I had to eventually tell him each sentence had to have a certain number of words in it. Something like 8 or 11. So I told Sam that Wilson was like that, but I wasn't going to do that to him unless he wrote three word sentences. He ended up writing five or six lines for each word. It was like a story for each instead of a sentence. I was impressed.

So tonight I asked him if he'd mind if I took those sentences and correct his punctuation and stuff, or if that would bother him because they say it can discourage kids if you correct their writing too much. He said he didn't care, but I think I'll type them out first and see what mistakes he catches by seeing it in print instead of his own writing where he knows exactly what he meant. It's a good strategy to type out their writing. I think it's easier for them to find mistakes because they're used to seeing printed material with correct punctuation and spelling.

Sam spent a ton of time today building the Lighthouse Siege lego set out of his own bricks. He was excited to do it because he has a most of the parts he needed to duplicate it. We never buy sets because we don't like spending money, but he does a great job of building something based on the pictures. He also looks up the building instructions sometimes to see exactly how to do it. I think that's more satisfying than just getting a set, even though those are fun too. He's so thorough when he explains what all the functions are and how he made them. I told him he should do a designer video about it like they do on the lego website, but he doesn't like being recorded so he's not about to do that. I can never get him to say anything on our youtube videos either, and he usually turns around and leaves when I even point the camera at him. He said he'd rather do a stop action video. Maybe he could do one with this lighthouse and I'll put it on youtube.

Sarah's been doing an assignment from her science book about weather. She needs to keep a chart of temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation and cloud cover for a few weeks. It's kind of fun for her. We especially like to look up the barometric pressure and see what it is when we have headaches. Sometimes we've looked at a weather website that has predictions for migraines. I don't like looking that up unless I have one already, so I don't have to think about getting one before I actually do.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Day 85

Tonight for service, the girls tied quilts with the other teenage girls at church. They were very cute doing that. Cute little baby quilts too. Sam was working on finishing the First Aid merit badge while the girls were working on that. Jeff sat and read a book while I tried to come up with a topic for my next MyWritingCheck blog. I didn't. I'll have to think about it tomorrow, since we need to go to bed early. I can't be reading in bed with the light on tonight, because Jeff has to get up for work at 4:30 tomorrow. I'll be glad in a week or two when this early morning working stuff comes to an end. Hopefully he won't have another month like that for a while. It causes him to not be able to sleep.

We arranged some of all those books we took off shelves today, but not many. I think this is going to take a few days. And there might be another bookshelf I want to move too. I took it upstairs and put it by my bed a few months ago, but I don't think I want it there. There are just too many books to have them so far out of reach.

We borrowed some baby stuff from my niece for when Wilson and Kamille come. I'm so excited!! We got a crib, baby gate, booster chair for at the table, and the pack and play for when we go visit Jeff's parents for a couple days. I want to make it as comfortable as possible for them while they're here. I told Jeff that eventually we'll have to just buy a crib and other things for when the kids come with babies. And baby-proofing isn't a problem since we don't like breakables and little stuff anyway (except legos). Just 11 more days til they come!

Sarah's trying to decide if she can cram in another science module before get here. I think she could, but I don't know if she thinks so. I guess Sam will have to do the same, since he started on a study guide yesterday. They're both worried about getting the books done by the end of May. Rachel's loving just reading her book instead of taking tests. Although, she is still doing the On Your Own questions that are throughout the chapters.

I wanted to work on a comedy sketch today, but Sarah insisted on being responsible and doing math first. So I had them all do it at the same time again. I think it teaches them patience. Sam is extremely patient when we do that; he just draws while he waits. The problem is, sometimes I don't realize he's waiting for my attention, which suits him fine. He'd rather draw anyway. We never did get to work on the sketch. I guess that means if we had, we wouldn't have gotten to math. It sounds like such a fun writing project though. I think Rachel and I will have to start on it and the others will join in. Maybe it just seems a little abstract to them before they see anything taking shape.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Day 84

Everyone was sitting at the table doing math at the same time today. I guess I'll never stop having them do that, even though it makes my brain have to go in three directions at once. Maybe that's how I keep a few brain cells alive. Sam and Sarah were working on the Pythagorean Theorem that I introduced last week, and Sarah pointed out that Sam didn't know exactly how to solve for X (or H squared in this case). So I was talking to him about that and I gave him several simple problems. But they were too simple. He says he never knows if he's just getting the answer because he knows how to get the answer or just because he knows it by logic because of the easy numbers.

He wanted us to tell him what the point was in doing it, so I said you use it in life all the time. But he wanted to know exactly how. So I gave him this giant problem where you have $3000 to remodel the kitchen and you spend all these amounts for different things, and how much would you have left? Of course, he got that. The problem is that Algebra is logical. How will I ever get him motivated to learn the procedures when it makes so much sense if you just think about it? Because I'm sure it won't be that long until we come across something that doesn't seem logical.

As we were giving Sam the kitchen remodel problem, Rachel said, "Algebra might be useless. My next lesson is about imaginary numbers!" Ha! So she was working on fractional exponents, and I had no idea what that was about. I don't remember doing that ever, but I hate exponents. That was the part that fried my brain in College Algebra--just last year. Rachel can never remember what to do with complicated exponents from one time to the next either. We decided we have a genetic exponent block.

We traded places with a couple bookshelves today. Actually we call one of them the school shelf. My dad makes all our bookshelves for us, and they're always just the size I request. So most of my shelves are big enough for binders and tall books and the tops have sides that go up about 4 inches, so I can put a row of books up there too--no whatnots on our bookshelves, which Rachel calls wantnots. She actually used to think they were called that, and she wondered why you have them if you don't want them. She's so cute.

So our school shelf is close to 4 times bigger than the normal bookshelves, and we usually have supplies on it. But since we moved last year, our supplies have been upstairs on another shelf and we never use them. So we moved the shelf and I'm going to bring the supplies down so we can have some fun with them again. I'm not sure you can see how huge it is in the picture, but most of the stuff on the table came out of it. It holds an endless amount of stuff. I love it!

Our church is encouraging everyone to do small acts of service each day of December leading up to Christmas, so we've been trying to think of that. I'm imagine that part of what we're getting out of it is that we're thinking differently. We're doing things for people outside our family too; but even if we just do something small and ordinary at home, we're recognizing that it's a service and it makes a difference. Last night, I cut Jeff's hair before bed. I've been cutting his hair ever since we got married, but it's still a service to him. He loves it; he wishes I'd shave it, which is not going to happen. So when we're doing things for each other, we can enjoy it more if we think of how the other person will feel. Even just coming upstairs and finding that the kids made our bed makes us feel good. I'm going to like this. I have found that I've been thinking of myself too much lately because of my health, so I maybe this will help me get some of my old self back.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 83

Rachel's working on the Apologia Advanced Biology book this year. She only needs 1/2 credit for science, so she was planning on doing half the book, but we decided it would still be worth 1/2 credit if she just reads it and goes all the way through it. I'm not going to have her take tests; she's just going to talk to me about it once in a while. Don't you love homeschooling?

Then Sarah was working in her science book, and she hadn't studied it for a few days. She was finished with the study guide and it was time for a test, but she couldn't remember anything about it. I guess the chapter had been confusing too. So I told her that she didn't have to take the test, but she felt like she had to. I told her I didn't care about her ever taking the tests, and she was flabbergasted. She said she thought she had to. Like we weren't allowed to decide not to. I told her I only have her do it because I think it's good practice and the tests are right there--easy for me. She was kind of unhappy; so I told her she could either study and take the test, start reading the new chapter and ignore test, or take the test open book. Then I left the room.

Later she told me she just decided to go on to the next chapter, but she says she's never ever doing that again. Wilson used to be that way too. He was convinced it was cheating to take an open-book test no matter how much I insisted that's what I wanted him to do. Now, Sam and Rachel don't mind a bit. Although Sam would rather not look up the answers because he can never find them. He'd rather just know them.

I spent a lot of the day trying to decide on a writing sample to send with my application to be a Brave Writer instructor. I'm so picky. Today I decided to send a page from my journal. I was thinking of sending something more academic, but Jeff said it was boring and didn't sound like me. He was much more excited about the piece I sent. It was about when Wilson was born.

Then it was fun tonight, because Wilson's actually applying for the job too and we were going over our applications together. He would be totally perfect for the high school classes. He sent in a very brainy academic sample. That's all he's been writing for the last 5 years in college, so what else would he send? After we got done going over the application on the phone, I told him it made me feel like his mommy again. He and I have been writing partners for a long time. It's in his blood, but he didn't always know it. He hated putting pen to paper when he was young, just like Sam. I used to make him write a certain number of words per sentence. I don't do that to anyone any more. But he and I agreed that even though we love writing, it's like having teeth pulled, but editing is like eating cookies.

Jeff and my dad went to the old house to fix a leak in the tub. They're having an inspection Monday, and I really hope it goes well. The only thing that was actually wrong was the tub leak, so it should be fine. But I was amazed how bad the last inspector made things sound. The floor and stairs came out great. Tomorrow, we're going over to put down toe mold or shoe mold, I forget what it's called. I call it quarter round, but my dad says it's not technically that. We have to put it down because we couldn't get close enough to the wall with the sander to get all the paint up. That should be the last thing we have to do. They're wanting to close by the first week in January. Cross your fingers.

See you next week!