Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 146--To test or not to test?

I think I might not do standardized testing this year. The law allows for teacher evaluation too, so I'm looking into it. I like the testing, because I can do it all myself; but it's a little stressful, because . . . well, you know. It's crazy to think that all kids learn the same things as other kids at the same age. It doesn't even work in schools or even in classes in the same school. It's obviously not possible for it to happen in homeschools. So I might have found an evaluator that doesn't need to see too much of my kids' work. I don't really save work, and we do a lot of talking in our homeschool. So there's not a huge paper trail. Sam and Sarah are pretty excited at the prospect of not testing. I haven't decided yet.

Sam found a nerf dart in the backyard while we were mowing the other day. It fits his gun, so he's been having fun. It flies much faster than the ones we have. They've been shooting a balloon like shooting clay pigeons. Someone throws it and someone else has to aim far enough ahead of it to hit it. Now they're setting up dominoes and shooting them down.

Jeff's been a school-boy for a week or so. He's studying hard for his new job. He's been getting up early to study while the house is all quiet. He's such a good example. I'm not that diligent with my studies. That's why I'm going to have to pay for extra time to finish my degree when I get to the end of 8 years and still don't have it. Maybe his stuff is more fun to study than mine.

Kamille finished going through Rachel's book, and Rachel's finished editing from her suggestions. Now it's my turn. I really need to get on it, because Rachel's thinking of entering it in the Amazon Storyteller Competition, and the deadline is next week. Maybe I'd better go work on that now. After I make some cookies!

See you tomorrow!

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