Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 149--Last day of school!


We didn't do much today for our last day. Boy do we need a break! Jeff starts vacation after he gets done with work tonight. Yay!! I think we could all sleep for a week. Some of us have had light colds and we've been staying up so late this week. Jeff's new hours are crazy too!

Rachel got her diploma in the mail today from the umbrella school we use to keep our records. It was pretty exciting! Perfect timing too, right?

I can't remember if I've ever shown you any of the pictures we've taken for our Etsy shop. So here are a few I like.

I'm seriously about to fall asleep, so I'm going to stop here. But I'll be back! For now, I'll keep heading toward 200 days.

See you next week!


  1. Being "done"is a great feeling isn't it. Even when we know learning carries on regardless.

    1. Yes, I love how learning never stops. I think we couldn't stop it if we tried!