Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 148--Two days in a row!

I've been terrible about writing lately, but I'm actually doing it two days in a row! Tomorrow's supposed to be our last day of school, and then Jeff's on vacation until June 1st. Sam has 10 more pages to read in his science book, but Sarah's going to have to read hers during the break if she wants to finish it. I don't really mind her not reading it all, but she wants to. She likes to get done with things.

We've been reading Jane Eyre. Did I tell you it's weird? Jeff keeps saying he wishes we could talk to each other like they do all day. I think we just wouldn't know what each other is talking about. I don't want to sound negative; we like the book. It's a good one for vocabulary building, like The House of Seven Gables. I still underline book titles. I've heard that it's acceptable to italicize them now, but I haven't decided to yet. Anyway, there was a major plot twist that none of us were expecting today. I won't say what, so I don't spoil anything for anyone that hasn't read it. But I was totally shocked! I don't know what will happen next. There's so much of the book left. At least 1/3 of it.

Rachel is figuring out how to graph her findings from her journaling study. The sample of people was so small that I'm not sure the data reflects what it should. But it's good. She's been dragging her feel about it; she'd rather work on Becoming Sencra's Queen. She really just needs to write something about it. It doesn't have to be much. Or very formal. I'm starting my final edit of her book today. It's hard to start over. It is so much work to publish a book.

I guess I'm finding out what I'm getting myself in for with the books I'm working on. I plan to self publish all of them. Well, I might see if a publisher will take the one about weaknesses. My audience is mostly members of my church, and there are a few publishers that concentrate on that market, so we'll see. I think it would appeal to anyone though. It's partly about how we shouldn't be defined by our weaknesses. About how there's so much more to all of us than that.

See you tomorrow!

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