Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 144--Crazy week

Jeff started his new job Monday. He's packing his brain with info and coming home after work! I'm going to love this! It was so fun to have to save him some dinner tonight. I need to think ahead and make sure he has food to take for lunch each day. Not that they really take time to actually eat lunch. I guess he could at least keep Larabars in his pocket.

On top of job changes, I've had a terrible headache this week. I'm sorry if you've been looking for a blog post and not seeing one. Everyone's finished with Rachel's research study participation. Now she just has to look over the results and see if she can make a conclusion. She also needs to read more about what others have found. I got her the book Expressive Writing in order to do some studying. I also thought some of us might find it helpful to use the method to deal with stress. We've had a lot of changes in the last couple years, and hopefully this can help us relax a bit.

Sam finished taking the pictures for his video tonight. Now he just has to put it into iMovie and do a little editing. Good thing, too; because the deadline is May 10th. It looks so good. He's got several different scenes in it; and it's pretty funny. He's worked so hard planning and building and shooting. I think there are around 200 entries so far.

We've been reviewing math before we take the standardized tests. It's not fun reviewing math. Reviewing other things can be fun, but not math. I mean maybe it's fun for your family, but not here. I think we're going to need to continue reviewing during summer break. I really don't want to do that, but they forget so much after just a few days, it seems. And if we actually take off 6 weeks like I'm planning, we'll have to start over.

See you tomorrow!

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