Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 152--It's Hard to Start

Why is it so hard? We always look forward to starting school each year, but it's never easy to do. I have this dream of how it will go when we start, but what we do doesn't look like that very often. This is my 20th year of homeschool, and I'm still figuring it out. But at least I AM still figuring it out.

I was explaining unit conversions to Sam today, and I realized that I knew just what to say. That's the first time ever! When Wilson did it, I had no idea at all; when Rachel did it, it started to make sense to me; when Sarah did it, I could help her figure it out but had to be reminded how each time. Finally today I remembered it and explained it clearly! I guess sometimes it takes years.

We got to have a short video chat with Wilson and Kamille tonight. They came and spent 10 days with us a couple weeks ago, and then they went to spend a week with her parents. So I had to have a little Eliza tonight. We had so much fun with them here.

That baby is the life of the party. She dances every time she hears any kind of music. Here they all are playing Clue. They're addicted to it when they're together. So much fun to have them all together. Jeff's got vacation in another month, and hopefully we can go see them. It's so nice to visit at their place. Totally relaxing.

I'm going to be really short today. It honestly wasn't that great of a day. But there's always tomorrow.

See you next time!


  1. It's funny to think of you starting back as we've just finished today for a two week break. Its not been a great term - being out of our home for half of it plus other life stuff has definitely impacted on the homeschooling. So I'm looking forward to the break when we can hopefully get back into the house, get settled and restart the homeschooling with renewed energyou and enthusiasm.

  2. Yes, it's a pain not being in your own house. I'm jealous of you getting to use a gas stove. The rental we've been in for a year and a half has electric, and gas is all I've used for my 28 years of marriage. I miss it desperately! I hope you have a terrific break!